How much is a laser marking machine?


With regard to prices, almost all consultations are straightforward inquiry. So how much is a complete new laser marking machine? Beyond the laser Xiao Bian today revealed a price range for everyone.

First of all, the prices of several laser marking machines on the market that we are concerned about are different:

How much is a fiber laser marking machine?

The decisive configuration of the price of the fiber laser marking machine is:

Power is generally available in 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W and special models for aluminum oxide.

There is a difference between domestic and imported

There are differences in lasers: Some of the current mainstream lasers are: Ruike, Chuangxin, Lianpin, Jupiter, IPG, etc.

The configuration price of these light is generally more than 2.5W, the price is too low, the desire to purchase must consider: the choice of the basic configuration of the machine, the technical efficiency of the engineer's tuning machine. After-sale service quality and so on.