UV laser marking machine equipment


UV laser marking machine is a series of laser marking machine, but it was developed using a 355nm UV laser. The machine uses thirdorder cavity frequency multiplication technology compared with infrared laser, 355 UV light focusing spot is extremely small, can be To a great extent, the mechanical deformation of the material is reduced and the influence of the processing heat is small because it is mainly used for superfine marking and engraving, and is particularly suitable for marking foods, pharmaceutical packaging materials, micropores, highspeed division of glass materials and silicon Wafers for complex graphic cutting applications.

Incorporating international advanced technology, high energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surfaces of many non-metallic materials, causing the molecules to detach from the object. This method does not generate high heat, the ultraviolet laser light gathers the spot minimally, and the processing has almost no thermal effect. Therefore, it is called cold processing and is therefore suitable for superfine marking and engraving of special materials.

 The UV laser marking machine is a series of laser marking machines. Therefore, the principle is similar to that of a laser marking machine. Laser marking is used to mark the surfaces of various materials with permanent markings. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to “burn” the traces by light energy to cause the chemical and physical changes of the surface material, or burn off some of the material through the light energy to show the required etching. Pattern, text.