Hardware products laser marking machine


A hardware product must be marked on the factory before shipment: product name, bar code, product serial number, anti-counterfeit identification, instructions, production date and other key information, in order to facilitate factory management and market supervision and management, and to complete these tasks, inevitably To use laser marking machines, especially in high-volume production lines, laser marking machines with high processing speed and high mark forming rate should be used.

      Then the question has come. How many people know that laser marking machines have always been the "cosmetics artists" of the hardware products around us?

Laser marking machine is a modern leading precision machining method. Compared with the traditional printing, manual engraving, mechanical engraving, EDM machining, grinding tools, etc., laser marking machine has many advantages: In the processing, laser The marking machine can quickly complete surface burr removal, character and logo marks, anti-counterfeiting marks, product numbers and bar code marks. In routine maintenance and use, the laser marking machine has the advantages of strong flexibility, high conversion rate of electro-optical, and easy maintenance; In the scope of application, laser marking machine is suitable for areas with high smoothness, fineness and depth requirements. It can focus on the surface of metal products to instantly vaporize the surface material through a high-energy laser, leaving a permanent mark. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials are all within the scope of the laser marking machine.